Police Urge Shoppers Use Extra Caution During Holiday Shopping

As shoppers head out for one of the busiest weeks in retail all year, police are encouraging added awareness following a string of robberies in Fort Worth.

"We always recommend people make eye contact with people and not just look down at your phone and be aware," Officer Ivan Gomez with FWPD said.

Since November 10, eight people have been victimized including an incident at a Chase ATM near Hulen Mall where a woman was robbed. Two teenage suspects have since been arrested and a third has been identified, according to police.

"The number one thing we ask is to not give them that opportunity to them, especially when you have your belongings, we ask you to hide them or put them in a trunk," Gomez said.

Fort Worth Police say they plan to have an increased presence at both indoor and outdoor shopping areas, where officers will be dedicated to holiday shopping related crimes and traffic enforcement.

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