Police Upgrade Search for Missing Dallas Executive to ‘Endangered Missing Person'

Alan White was last seen Oct. 22

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It’s been a month since Rusty Jenkins last saw his husband.

On Oct. 22, he said they both left home around 4:40 a.m. to head to their respective gyms.

Alan White went to LA Fitness on Haskell Avenue, and about an hour after getting there, surveillance video shows him get back in his car and head in the direction of home.

He never showed up.

“I got home at 6:15. He wasn’t home, so I didn’t think much about it; 6:30 rolls around, I start to get a little worried; 6:45 rolls around, and I start to get a little panicky because I knew he had a 7 o’clock conference call that he had to be home for. When he wasn’t here at 7, I started to go look,” Jenkins said.

Within hours, Jenkins said he was joined by one of White’s brothers and his mother.

They’ve all said they can’t imagine a reason the KPMG executive would willingly disappear.

He had a niece visiting from out of town and had plans to help her look at wedding venues the next day.

On his desk, there’s still an incomplete to-do list dated from the morning he was last seen.

White and Jenkins also had plane tickets booked for a soon-to-happen visit to White’s mother.

“He’s a very kind, generous person. He’d do anything for anyone. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,” Jenkins said.

The last place they have tracked him to is a RaceTrac gas station at Inwood Road and Maple Avenue where security camera footage showed White filling the tank of his car and driving out of the parking lot. That was just shortly after he was seen leaving the gym.

"It was hard to watch because it's a mile from the house. So something happened in that one mile. Something drastically happened in that one mile,” Jenkins said.

About a week after White disappeared, Dallas police found the Porsche SUV he’d been driving in the area of Simpson Stuart and Bonnie View roads.

His family said they have been told it had no damage or signs of violence.  

Friday, citing recent developments, police upgraded the case from a want to locate to an endangered missing person.

"Your mind goes through all these scenarios of what could've happened. But it's all just kind of guesses until we get some facts or some leads. But your mind plays games all day of what did happen, what could've happened," Jenkins said.

He said they're desperate for clues, no matter how small.

There’s a $20,000 reward for information that could help locate White.

Anyone with information is asked to call Dallas police.

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