Police Seek Justice On Quadruple Murders' Anniversary

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the most brutal murder case in the history of the city of McKinney and police are asking for the public's help in getting a third suspect charged in the crime. 

On March 12, 2004, Rosa Barbosa, her nephew Mark Barbosa, Matthew Self and Austin York were all fatally shot in Barbosa's home on Truett Street.

Three months after the murders, police arrested three men but didn't have enough evidence and the charges were ultimately dropped. Then three years later, in July of 2007, investigators said they finally got a big break in the case when a witness came forward and led them to Eddie Williams.

Williams' confession led police to a bullet and the murder weapon, and implicated Raul Cortez and his brother Javier Cortez.  All three men were arrested.

Last month, a Collin County jury sentenced Raul Cortez to the death penalty in connection with one of the four murders. Williams testified that he and Cortez killed the four victims in a botched robbery plot. Williams' capital murder trial is still pending.

Javier Cortez was not charged in the deaths. He is serving a four-year federal sentence on a firearms charge.

McKinney police said they are hoping that someone may have additional information and will help make sure justice is done for the victims.
They said there is still reward money available for any information that leads to an indictment.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the McKinney Police Department at 972-547-2700.

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