Police Search for Culprits in Failed ATM Theft

A Dallas CVS store opened for business again Thursday afternoon with a temporary entrance after an ATM smash and grab attempt wrecked the glass doors and plowed through merchandise.

Store surveillance video recorded a stolen Chevy Suburban crashing into the store at 2:26 am. The pictures show the vehicle driving around inside the store, backing out, then racing inside at the machine again.

Surveillance video from inside a CVS on Walnut Hill Lane shows a vehicle slam into the front of the store and an attempted ATM theft.

After about two minutes, four gloved, masked and hooded suspects seen in the video give up and leave with the Suburban. Despite tremendous damage done to the store the cash machine remained security bolted to the floor.

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The ATM inside the CVS on Walnut Hill Lane remains firmly bolted to the floor after an attempted smash-and-grab.

Regular customer Alan Carnation said thieves have tried and failed before at taking this machine.

"They haven't made it yet," he said. "They need to watch NBC 5 and they'll realize they're not going to get this machine."

The store is near the busy intersection of Central Expressway and Walnut Hill Lane.

"It kind of sits in a low, off set area," Carnation said. "There's not a lot of traffic that comes through this back street. Yea, you do have Walnut Hill, but police can't just sit over here."

Thieves drove through the front of a CVS to steal an ATM, but left empty-handed.

Dallas Police Lieutenant Reuben Ramirez oversees a task force investigating ATM crimes this year. He said police encourage stores to secure their cash machines the way CVS has.

Ramirez said Thursday morning's CVS crime was the 45th Dallas ATM case this year, but most have been failures. Ramirez said suspects succeeded in getting the machines 21 times.

Dallas police have charged several suspects with some of this year's crimes but Thursday's CVS attempt shows that more suspects are at large.

Crime Stoppers will pay up to $5,000 for information leading to arrest and indictment in the case. The number for Crime Stoppers is 214-373-TIPS(8477).

Police are searching for the suspects behind a failed ATM theft in Dallas early Thursday morning.

NBC 5's Josh Ault, Brian Roth and Jamie Weiss contributed to this report.

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