Police Search For Driver Who Ran Over Woman And Dog

Dallas police hope surveillance videos help lead them to the driver who ran over a woman and her dog in broad daylight and kept on going. The dog died minutes after the incident.

It happened at the intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Throckmorton in Dallas on Saturday afternoon.

Holly Mosley and a friend were walking their dogs southbound on the sidewalk of Cedar Springs Road. They were two steps into the crosswalk at Throckmorton when an SUV made a right turn.

The SUV ran over the dog. Mosley's foot was also run over and she was knocked to the ground.

“I’m still hurting, my foot still hurts, my arm hurts and my heart is hurting because of the loss of the love of my life,” Mosley said.

The incident was recorded on the surveillance cameras of a nearby restaurant. It also recorded the vehicle taking off right after hitting Mosley and her dog.

“It's haunting me,” Mosley’s friend Heather Huynh said. “I'm just having that replay in my head over and over again.”

The owner of the restaurant where the video was recorded saw what happened, ran out and rushed Mosley and her dog to a vet clinic, where the dog died. 

"I just can't believe that the person that did this wouldn't just come forward and say it's an accident," said Josh Friedman, co-owner of Zephyr restaurant.

Mosley has filed a report with Dallas police.

If you have any information this case or the vehicle involved, please call Dallas police.

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