Police Say HD Surveillance Cameras Could Curb Crime

North Texas police departments are urging business owners to invest in high-definition surveillance cameras, saying the technology could greatly help curb crime.

In the June murder of mother, Samira Siwakoti, it was video from inside the Rapido Convenience store in The Colony that led to an arrest.

Images taken on the store's analog cameras caught the crime on tape and provided grainy images of the suspect. Those images eventually led to the arrest of 19-year-old Deon Kingston Jr., but police sent the video to a forensic lab before the case goes to trial.

"Even though an arrest has been made we still want to do everything we can to enhance that video so it removes the question – 'Is that really the person?'" said Lt. Darren Brockway.

Police said enhancements are often needed when video is taken from analog cameras, but most cases could be solved quicker if businesses would invest in HD surveillance cameras that can produce a clearer image.

Milestone Electric installs HD surveillance cameras. Employees said demand for the new systems from homeowners and businesses has doubled in the last two years.

"[HD cameras] really give you the ability to tell you who you are talking about rather just a figure," said Gregg Wong, with Milestone Electric. "You're going to see facial features and if they have any scars or tattoos."

Wong said demand is high from homeowners who want cameras to monitor when their kids get home from school or when a package is delivered in addition to security. Wong said the average HD camera security system can cost from $1,500 to $2,500.

"This is about taking charge and knowing what's happening at your property whether you are there or you are not there," said Wong.

Police in The Colony said HD cameras can enhance critical clues during a criminal investigation.

Cases can be solved faster and have made a huge difference in solving neighborhood crimes.

Dallas police have urged business owners to invest in HD cameras following a rash of ATM thefts across the city.

"We can't stress enough the difference between analog and HD," said Brockway. "It can make the difference between a positive and negative identification on a suspect."

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