Police Say Craigslist Ad Turned to Murder-for-Hire Plot

Police say the two men plotted to kill one of their wives

Allen police say a Craigslist ad asking for help in getting a wife deported turned into a complicated murder-for-hire scheme.

Steven Gordon is charged with solicitation to commit capital murder, and Robert Bass is charged with conspiracy to commit capital murder.

Police say the plot began after Gordon posted an ad asking for help in getting his wife deported.

"I regretted even posting it," Gordon told NBC 5 in a jailhouse interview Thursday. "The next morning, I deleted it."

Bass, who also spoke from jail, told NBC 5 that they began corresponding after he replied to Gordon's post.

He said they began plotting to plant drugs in the car of Gordon's wife, get her pulled over and searched and, consequently, get her green card revoked.

Bass said Gordon also started giving him large quantities of money.

"He reached over and dropped $3,000 on my floorboard and say, 'Get it done,'" he said.

Bass said Gordon also asked him, "Are you going to get this done or do I need to hire someone else?"

Allen police said the plan soon turned to murder, an allegation Bass denied.

"That was never said -- no murder, no murder," he said.

Gordon has a different story, saying he felt blackmailed by Bass. He said Bass started threatening his family.

"He said -- quote -- 'We're going to take your wife out if you don't pay us $15,000,'' Gordon said.

According to the arrest affidavit, officers searching Gordon's phone found text messages between the two men that refer to securing "25grand" to "take her out."

Gordon maintains that he never wanted his wife killed.

"The only thing I'm happy for is that my wife and children are safe, even if I never see them again," he said.

Gordon underwent a psychiatric evaluation at the Collin County Detention Center on Thursday afternoon.

Both Gordon and Bass are being held on a $500,000 bond each.

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