Police Release Dashcam Video of Dallas Cowboys WR Terrance Williams' Arrest

Dashcam video released by Frisco police Thursday is offering a new perspective of the arrest of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams this past Saturday. 

Williams was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with public intoxication after police found him riding an electric scooter, not far from the intersection of Frisco Green Avenue and Lebanon Road where police found his Lamborghini in the center median on top of a light pole.

Hours later, Williams said in a statement that a driver in front of him "slammed on his brakes," leading to the crash, and that a neighbor later picked him up when his car would not start.

The Frisco Police Department released the raw video of Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams' arrest.

Williams went on to say in the statement that a neighbor dropped him off and it was later Saturday morning that he, now on an electric scooter, encountered police who, "arrested me without performing any sobriety tests."

In the video released by police, Williams can be seen swerving on his scooter before crashing in front of police.

In a statement Saturday, Williams' attorney Chip Lewis said that "contrary to media reports, Terrance did not hit a light pole and there was no light pole even near the vehicle."

Dashcam video from the Lamborghini crash scene shows what appears to be a light pole beneath Williams' car. 

On Thursday, Lewis told NBC 5 he was surprised by some of what he saw on the Frisco Police video but still believes there is no proof his client was driving his car while intoxicated. Lewis says his client may have suffered a head injury in the crash that could have caused some confusion. 

In the dashcam video, Williams tells officers it was his friend, Vikings wide reciever Kendall Wright who was actually driving the car and he was on his way to the scene on his electric scooter. But Williams' attorney says that's not true and the trauma of the crash may be to blame. 

“There’s never been any confusion in my discussions with him that he was sole occupant, driving the vehicle,” Chip Lewis said. 

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