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Police Re-Examine 1987 Murder of Weatherford Teen

College student Wendy Robinson was last seen at Lake Weatherford

Police are using new DNA techniques to re-examine old evidence in the murder of a 19-year-old Weatherford woman in 1987, a source close to the investigation said Tuesday.

The woman, Wendy Robinson, left her family's home to go to a popular spot on Lake Weatherford known as "The Wall," on the afternoon of July 8, 1987.

"It was a horrible experience," her father, Jim Robinson, said. "We didn't know what to think. And the more time that passed by, the worse we felt like the situation was."

Wendy Robinson's car was found near the lake the following day.

Her body was found about seven miles away four days later.

She had been the victim of blunt force trauma, police said.

Her case has never been solved.

But now, 29 years later, police say they're trying again to put all the puzzle pieces together.

"We will not give up on this case until it's solved," said Weatherford Police Chief Mike Manning.

Investigators are looking for anyone who may have seen Wendy Robinson around the time she disappeared or anyone who knows what happened to her.

"We feel like it was somebody she knew, because of the circumstances of where she was taken, where she was found," Jim Robinson said.

Wendy Robinson was a student at Weatherford Junior College, worked at a dress shop in West Fort Worth and planned to be a teacher.

Her father said police have told him that investigators are working promising leads.

"There may be somebody out there that witnessed this or has personal knowledge of what occurred," Jim Robinson said. "And my thought is, or my plea to you is, come forward now, because if you wait and this case is resolved, then deals are going to be hard to come by."

Manning declined to be specific about what new leads detectives may be examining.

But he also appealed to anyone who may know something about the murder.

"We do think there are people who may have some information concerning the crime," the chief said. "It's time for them to come forward."

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