Police Pull Over Drivers at SH 161 and I-30

Grand Prairie officers ticket drivers who misuse right-turn only lane

Grand Prairie police are on a mission to make the morning rush hour more bearable for drivers traveling northbound on the State Highway 161 frontage road. 

City officials estimate that an average 20,000 vehicles are on the road every day. For the past year, drivers have been taking advantage of a right-turn only lane as they reach Interstate 30, Sgt. Eric Hansen said.

"What they’re doing is disregarding that sign and then proceeding north onto 161 when they’re supposed to be turning right onto I-30," Hansen said.

Hansen said the area is the busiest intersection in Grand Prairie.

Because of construction, additional signs are posted and drivers are urged to be more vigilant.

On Thursday morning, the eight officers who monitored drivers at the intersection pulled over more than 90 vehicles.

"There were probably two or three dozen that we weren’t able to catch because we were tied up with other people," Hansen said.

Police hope their presence tells people to be alert the next time they drive through the area.

Officers plan to monitor the intersection again in the near future.

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