Police Presence Felt At St. Patrick’s Day Block Party

Thousands come out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early

This year's St. Patrick's Day block party on Greenville Avenue came with increased police presence and new restrictions on public drinking.

More than 12,000 party-goers filled the streets along Greenville, all under the watchful eye of the Dallas police who reported handing out more than 200 parking violations.

Many people were also carrying alcohol, which police said wouldn't get a person a ticket.  But under new restrictions, dozens of citations for consuming alcohol in public were handed out this year while half a dozen arrests were made for public intoxication.

Residents who live along Greenville Avenue said this year was calmer than celebrations in the past.

"This year, so far, is very tame. I mean, lots of people, but it's, the weather is nice, people are being nice. We haven't seen anything out of control," said resident Marsha Semple.

For Rodrigo Valdez, who watched his friend get arrested by police after Valdez said his friend was involved in some kind of fight, the added police presence is ruing the fun.

"Kinda being a little more harsh than they usually have been," said Valdez.

Less than a dozen arrests were made for public intoxication by the end of the night.  Many saying the increased police presence played a major role in the safety and calmness compared to celebrations in the past.

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