Police Investigating Hit-and-Run in Haltom City

58-year old Jimmy Beard may never ride a bike again. Last Wednesday night, a driver hit Beard and left him for dead as he rode along Beach Street in Haltom City. "I didn't hear no tire skid," said Beard. "I didn't hear nothing."

Surveillance cameras at Four Wheels of Texas captured the crash at 9:45 p.m. March 7. The video quality was not great, but it shows Beard riding his bike with a trailer in tow, and then shows him hit by a passing car and thrown from his bike.

"Well, it's got me down real far," Beard said. "I mean, hell, I got a broken leg and messed up ribs and my teeth don't work. I can hardly eat."

Beards sisters are hoping the hit and run driver, or someone who knows something, will come forward.

"I would hate to know that I did something like this and I had this huge burden on my heart," said Beard's sister, Rebecca Schoonover. "That's something that will drive somebody crazy."

"Any decent person would stop and render aid if they ran over a dog or a person," said Beard's sister, Belinda Pattison. "You've gotta stop. I don't get it."

Police say debris at the crash site shows the hit and run car was a silver 2010 to 2012 Ford Fusion. Anyone with information can call Haltom City Police Detective Langford at (817) 222-7050.

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