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Police Investigate Multiple Sexual Assaults Near UNT Campus

Denton Police are investigating multiple sexual assaults near the University of North Texas campus.

The attacks span the course of months, said Denton Police spokesman Shane Kizer, but the latest attack was reported May 16.

The suspect description is vague -- a man standing taller than 6’ and with a large build.

Kizer said attacks are occurring at apartment complexes in an area just northwest of the UNT campus.

The attacker is gaining access either through an open window or unlocked door, or in some cases, may be posing as a delivery person.

“The biggest thing that we can really push is -- don’t open the door at night to anyone when you don’t know who they are. You don’t want to fall for any scams where someone is there to deliver a package that you haven’t ordered,” Kizer added.

Kizer said the attacks are rare in the college town because they are stranger on stranger. None of the victims, females in their early 20s, know the man.

“Normally when we have sexual assaults, it comes into play with people knowing each other,” Kizer added.

Police believe the cases are linked, but it is possible there may be more than one attacker.

The campus is fairly quiet, only summer classes or “mini-mesters,” are currently in session.

None of the assaults occurred on campus, but UNT did send out an “off-campus crime alert” to students, warning them to be aware of their surroundings.

For senior Joe Kurilla, that was a lesson taught by dad years ago.

“I always think of what could happen and have a plan,” Kurilla said. “Anyone can be taken advantage of, even men, so not only am I looking out for other people, I have to look out for myself.”

Senior Scarlett Jones said the alert will make her more alert – paying closer attention to her surroundings and thinking about protection.

“I don’t have anything like pepper spray or a knife or anything, but maybe I should,” Jones added.

Denton Police said their major crimes unit is following all leads and catching the man is a priority. Anyone with information should contact Denton Police at 940-349-7960.

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