Police in North Texas Warn Against Fireworks, Celebratory Gunfire on New Year's Eve

Cities across North Texas will enforce fireworks bans over New Year's weekend, while also reminding residents to refrain from firing guns into the air to celebrate the start of 2019.

Collin County

It is legal to discharge a firearm in the unicorporated areas of the county as long as not in the suburbs. Legal fireworks on the unincorporated areas as long as it is on private property (ex: cannot do it on the side of the road). It is a Class C misdemeanor if this is not followed.

In Frisco, it is unlawful to discharge or possess fireworks in the city. Violators can be fined up to $2,000.

Dallas County

According to the county fire marshal, fireworks are permitted in unincorporated parts of the county as long as the property owner has granted permission and as long as there is no burn ban in effect.  There is currently no burn ban in effect in Dallas County.

The Dallas police and fire departments will work together from Saturday, Dec. 29 to Monday, Dec. 31 to monitor the possession and use of fireworks, deploying teams that consist of one police officer and one Dallas Fire Rescue fire inspector. The city is reminding residents that fireworks are illegal in Dallas. The city of Dallas also warned against shooting firearms in celebration of the new year. Violators could be fined up to $4,000 and a year in jail for having and discharging fireworks and up to $10,000 and 10 years in jail for reckless discharge of a weapon.

Police in Garland posted on Facebook to remind residents how dangerous celebratory gunfire can be. Bullets fired into the air can reach heights of up to 10,000 feet, and the wind could take them in unpredictable directions, the Garland Police Department wrote. The bullets that come down could have deadly results.

Grand Prairie police, while wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year, remind "What goes up must come down! Please don't ring in 2019 by firing a gun in the air!" Celebratory gunfire is illegal and may have deadly consequences.

Denton County

Fireworks are permitted in the unincorporated areas of Denton County as long as there isn’t a burn ban. Firearms are also permitted but strongly discouraged because they can cause serious bodily injury or death. The person discharging the firearm is responsible for causing injury or death.

Tarrant County

Fireworks are illegal in Arlington. By ordinance, the possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling and use of fireworks are prohibited and violations can result in a fine up to $2,000

In Fort Worth, fireworks are prohibited and Fort Worth Fire will be out with police issuing citations. Discharging a firearm in city the limits is also prohibited and individuals could be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor.

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