Police: Identity Thief Caught With Stolen Mail

Euless man faces federal charges

Police said officers found mail stolen from three different apartment complexes in the car of a Euless man who faces identity theft charges.

Clarence Kind, 29, of Euless, was arrested in Colleyville early this month. Police said he was acting suspiciously around an ATM. Officers found a large amount of mail that was not addressed to him in Kind's car, police said.

He also had a credit card in Donene Disco’s name, police said.

"I have worked my whole life to keep my credit perfect,” Disco said Monday. “And in one fell swoop -- for what, a couple hundred dollars -- he could just ruin it."

Disco, a personal trainer, said her trouble started a few months ago when she applied for a credit card by mail. She left the envelope in a mailbox in front of her house for the mail carrier.

She said she quickly discovered someone had stolen it and applied for at least 12 other credit cards in her name.

"I feel lucky that he's been caught,” Disco said. “I'm concerned about the other people who may be affected, because it sounds like it  is widespread."

Euless police said investigators do not know how many identities Kind has stolen.

"It's very easy to mess up somebody's credit, and it takes a long time to get it straightened out," Lt. John Williams said.

Williams said Kind has served prison time in the past for similar crimes.

Kind now faces federal charges that carry stiffer sentences.

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