Dallas Police Helicopter Spots Vehicle Submerged in Trinity River

Vehicle found in river is not that of missing man James Booth, an 84-year-old from Richland Hills: DFR spokesman

Dive teams in Dallas relaunched a search Tuesday morning for a vehicle spotted submerged in the Trinity River Monday afternoon.

Dallas Police and Dallas Fire-Rescue aren't sure where the car came from and confirmed that no one was found inside.

The vehicle was spotted about 150 yards downstream from a boat ramp on Great Trinity Forest Way by crews aboard the Dallas Police Department's Air One helicopter.

Crews from Texas Parks & Wildlife, Dallas Fire-Rescue and the Dallas Police Department were present for the search Tuesday.

According to Jason Evans, DFR spokesman, the vehicle is not the car driven by James Booth, an 84-year-old Richland Hills man reported missing in February.

Crews will continue to scour the area for any sign of Booth's car.

Few other details were released available.

Check back for the latest on this developing story.

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