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Police: Haltom City Officers' Tires Slashed While Dining

Officials say the cutting victim has since been treated and released for his injuries.

NBC 5 News

One man was left injured and several patrol cars were damaged following a slashing incident, officials say.

On Monday, May 9, Northwest Division officers were dispatched to a Texas Roadhouse Restaurant located at 5250 Endicott Avenue after receiving reports of a cutting.

Officials say Haltom City Police officers were dining at a nearby IHOP located at 3860 Northeast Loop 820 when they discovered that several patrol units' tires had been slashed.

As police searched for a possible suspect, they found a man behind the Texas Roadhouse who had been cut as well.

The man was then treated and released by the Fort Worth Fire Department and MedStar officials.

Haltom City officers say they later located a possible suspect believed to be responsible for the tire slashing, however, police say he is in custody for a separate on-view offense.

Investigators reportedly found that the man was not involved in the cutting assault of the victim and his attacker is not in custody.

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