Police, FBI Investigating Explosion at Bridge in Bedford, 1 Person Detained

A second device was found and detonated by an explosives response team. No one was hurt.

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Police and federal agents have detained a person of interest in an explosion that shut down a bridge in Bedford.

Bedford police said the investigation began around 5 p.m. Wednesday when a device exploded at a small bridge on Forest Ridge Drive just north of Texas 183 near Bedford Road.

The explosion was so loud that several people living nearby heard it and immediately called 911. Don Pals said he was reading outside his home when something caught his eye.

"I looked up and this man was passing by in front of me and walking along the creek bank, got over to the bank and I kept watching, because you only see folks walking dogs or something. Not someone alone," Pals said. "I thought he would go over the bridge. No, he went under the bridge. I thought that was odd, but he just kind of disappeared."

About 10 minutes later, Pals said the person stepped out around the same time someone else was crossing the bridge.

"The moment he stepped out, bang. It was sound almost like a mortar. Really, a loud thump," Pals recalled. "First reaction was 'wow!' Jumped straight up. Could not believe something happened."

Pals said thick smoke billowed from the bridge, as the passerby called 911.

Bedford police said Thursday morning, federal agencies located another suspicious item near the initial scene as they investigated. Northeast Explosive Response Team was called in and a decision was made to intentionally detonate the second device on Wednesday evening.

While that was happening, Bedford police were working with federal agents to find out who put the devices there. Police said their investigation led them to the Logan Apartments on Sierra Springs Drive, which is a walking distance from the bridge.

Around 2 a.m. Thursday morning, NBC 5's cameras captured a SWAT team escort a man out of an apartment there. Bedford police chief Jeff Williams was on the scene and said the man they arrested is a person of interest. His identity has not been released.

ATF and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is assisting Bedford police in the investigation. Officials believe the incident at the bridge was not targeted.

No one was hurt.

Two large trucks and barricades blocked the road leading to the bridge for most of Thursday morning, though Forest Ridge Drive was reopened by the afternoon as it was deemed safe by engineers.

A captain with the Bedford Police Department said additional information is expected to be released on Friday.

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