Police a Twitter Over Tweets

UNT student says he's just reposting public info

Police have arrested dozens of people pretending to be police officers. But Denton Police had never heard of someone impersonating a cop online.

Denton Police just discovered a Twitter page with the Denton Police logo, mug shots of arrests, and other information. Problem is, they don't have a Twitter page.

The information listed on the Denton PD Twitter page is public information. Police just worry that something inappropriate might end up on a "tweet", and people will think it's from Denton PD.

"If someone puts something on there, like I said, derogative, it looks like we're the ones putting it on there. And we're not. We have no Twitter page." said Officer Ryan Grelle, with the Denton Police Department.

Turns out, the page was set up by UNT Art Photography major Brian Baugh.

Baugh told NBC he didn't do it for a class project. He did it just to show what kind of information is out there. He even wrote his own software program that checks the Denton Police Department's official Web site, and sends the latest information to his Twitter account.

Denton Police want to talk to Baugh, but said he doesn't face any charges. They just want him to remove the police patch.

In an email to NBC 5, Baugh said, "Part of me would want to comply with their wishes, however I'd probably simply change the account name, and remove their badge as they apparently have requested. Sometimes you have to take risks in the realm of art, and I don't see how re-posting public information from a government Web site could be wrong."

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