Police Documents List Property Seized From Botham Jean's Apartment

The document does not disclose whom the items belonged to

A search warrant obtained Thursday details property seized from Botham Jean's apartment the night he was fatally shot by a Dallas police officer.

The search warrant affidavit signed Sept. 7, the day after the shooting, lists the items:

2 fired cartridge casings
1 laptop computer
1 black backpack with police equipment and paperwork
1 insulated lunch box
1 black ballistic vest with "police" markings
10.4 grams of marijuana in zip-lock bags
1 metal marijuana grinder
2 RFID keys
2 used packages of medical aid

The document does not disclose whom the items belonged to.

Benjamin Crump, an attorney representing Jean's family, says the marijuana allegedly found inside Botham Jean’s apartment is "completely irrelevant," and the Jean family does not know whom it belonged to. Crump said any attempt to use the alleged discovery to divert focus from the circumstances of Jean’s death is "nothing but a disgusting attempt to assassinate his character now that they have assassinated his person."

Video shows Dallas officer Amber Guyger being booked into the Kaufman County Jail Sunday, September 9, 2018. Guyger turned herself in to face a manslaughter charge after she shot and killed Botham Jean inside his apartment. Guyger is out after posting bond.

“This adds absolutely nothing of value for solving this crime and for it to be released this day, I don’t believe in coincidences. This was an intent to come after this young man’s character, which is impeccable by the way,” said Lee Merritt, who also represents Jean's family.

Investigators said officer Amber Guyger has undergone a toxicology screenings. The results have not been publicly released.

Guyger, who is charged with manslaughter, said she mistook his apartment for her own and thought Jean was an intruder. She remains free on $300,000 bond.

Read the full search warrant below:

NBC 5's Jack Highberger, Courtney Gilmore and Allie Spillyards contributed to this report.

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