Fort Hood Soldier Accused of Disturbing Comments

A Fort Hood soldier accused of leaving the Army post after making disturbing comments was arrested Tuesday outside a 7-Eleven, Dallas police said.

Military officials are vigilant after an Army psychiatrist was arrested and charged last month with killing 13 people and wounding more than three dozen others at Fort Hood.

A concerned friend of the solider notified authorities about the alleged comments, and Fort Hood officials, who suspected the 21-year-old man was in the area, contacted Dallas police, Lt. Andy Harvey said.

"They were very concerned about it, and from what I understand, they were, might have been, very threatening in nature, and so I'm sure with what happened there recently, they were very sensitive to that," Harvey said.

Officers located the soldier's vehicle at 3700 W. Northwest Highway at Marsh Lane, where he was detained without incident, police said.

"Our officers did find a shotgun that was inside the vehicle, that was unloaded at the time," Harvey said. "I don't know what the situation was with that, but we took that into our protective custody."

Police said the gun was not a military-issued weapon, and the soldier was not considered AWOL because he had not been away from the post more than 24 hours.

"We are holding him for officials from Fort Hood who will be picking him up today," Harvey said.

Harvey said because no charges will be filed locally, the soldier's name will not be released.

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