Police Chief, Sergeant Fired After Tea Party Involvement

Local Tea Party members up in arms

The Tawakoni Area Tea Party is up in arms because the police chief and a sergeant at the West Tawakoni Police Department were fired after being involved in the Tea Party.

Police Chief Jack Schultz and Sgt. Johnny Beckett were fired Oct. 20, according to internal documents obtained by NBCDFW using the Texas Open Records Act.

Schultz and Beckett are both on paid administrative leave while they appeal their terminations.

The termination notices obtained indicate the duo’s involvement in the Tea Party was considered “prohibited political activity” under the city’s employee personnel policies manual.   The mayor said the men spoke and advocated against the city council and supported a petition against the mayor as part of their participating in the party.

The two men weren’t just fired for their involvement in the Tea Party, however.

The termination memos mention other alleged infractions by both law enforcement officers including accusations that Schultz drove city equipment to obtain medical treatment, screamed at another city employee in the City Hall parking lot within earshot of the public, lied to federal agents during an investigation, drank booze at a public park and restaurant, drove while intoxicated, slouched at city council meetings, and didn’t discipline Beckett for holding naked pool parties at Beckett’s house.

Besides holding naked pool parties and joining the Tea Party, Beckett’s termination memo also said he drank alcohol in a public park and restaurant, asked a subordinate to follow him and his wife home after they drank too much, didn’t pay his water bill in time, and didn’t properly maintain investigative files and evidence.

Schultz could not be reached at his home Wednesday.  Beckett referred all questions to his lawyer, who did not immediately return a phone call from NBCDFW.

Mayor Pete Yoho and other city officials are not commenting on the terminations.

“I know both men personally and can testify that they are both good men and policemen,” Tawakoni Area Tea Party member Mike Adams told NBCDFW.

West Tawakoni is a small Hunt County town about 50 miles east of Dallas. 

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