Fort Worth

Police Association Wants 2-Officer Response to Every Call

Dallas Police Chief David Brown has not responded to request.

The Dallas Police Association wants the department to send at least two officers on every call because of increasing threats nationwide.

“The environment has changed in the last month to three months,” said DPA President Ron Pinkston.

In New York City, two officers were ambushed -- shot to death in their car.

In Fort Worth just this week, a 17-year-old was arrested for posting a photo of a gun pointed at a police car and asking, "Should I do it?"

"With all the violent rhetoric going throughout the country, we thought it would be best if we started responding to all calls with two-man teams,” Pinkston said. “That doesn't necessarily mean you have to have two-man squad cars everywhere, but when they respond to any call, it needs to be a two-man team at least."

Dallas Police Chief David Brown has not responded to the idea.

But some question whether it is realistic given current staffing levels.

"On first blush, it doesn't appear they have the manpower to make this work. without affecting other major factors like response times and manpower shortages,” said NBC 5 law enforcement expert Don Peritz, who is a former Dallas County Sheriff’s sergeant.

Pinkston said his plan would work if some officers were taken away from other duties and put back on the street.

"They're going to have to pull some officers that aren't being utilized for the public's safety right now and pull them in to patrol, maybe, and utilize them that way,” he said.

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