Plea Deal Reached in Wylie's Angel Case: Sources

Sources say a plea deal was reached Tuesday afternoon in the "Wylie's Angel" case.

Darlene Phillips, the grandmother of Gerren Isgrigg, the child known as "Wylie's Angel" after his body was found near a pond last year, has reportedly signed off on a plea agreement she will enter in court Wednesday.

The details of the agreement have not been made public.

Phillips was indicted on a capital murder charge in connection with the boy's death.

But last week, prosecutors went to a grand jury to have Phillips re-indicted on the murder charge as well as a charge of injury of a child or disabled person.

Phillips was already set to go to trial on the original murder charge in three weeks, and prosecutors had no reason to re-indict her with a second charge if they were intent on prosecuting her for murder.

Injury to a child or disabled person is second-degree felony. Court papers say Phillips knowingly caused serious bodily injury by failing to provide necessary medical care and nourishment and abandoned him in a place he was unlikely to receive necessary care.

Gerren's body was found in Wylie on April 15, 2010. The 6-year-old weighed only 28 pounds.

The boy, who was blind, deaf and had serious, violent seizures, needed to be fed through a feeding tube.

Phillips was Gerren's primary caregiver for three consecutive years.

More than a week after the discovery of his body and an exhaustive search to learn his identity, Phillips turned herself in, acknowledging she left him there with a note attached hoping someone else could help give him a better life.

Phillips has been in jail for just more than a year.

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