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Plano Teenager On a Mission to Spread Kindness

A Plano teenager is on a mission to spread kindness throughout her hometown.

On a bustling afternoon at Plano's Shops at Legacy, a group of teenagers are hoping to make shoppers stop and smile.

They are on a mission to spread kindness.

For an afternoon, they opened doors, offered free candy canes and gave great big bear hugs to anyone who wanted one.

Maya LaRosiliere, 17, is a girl scout who's hoping these small acts will start a movement. She went as far as getting the city of Plano to declare December "Plano Kindness Month."

"I knew starting the campaign in Plano would be easy because we're already such a kind city," Maya said.

To do that she had to call in a favor to Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere, also known as dad.

"To be really corny, I was Plano proud that this is what she came up with," the mayor said. "I just want to say how proud I am of her and her friends to bring this sense of kindness to this year when we just need to be a little kinder to give back to those who could really use it."

Maya said she would have pushed for the kindness campaign even if her dad wasn't in charge because the past year taught her we all need a little more love.

"Our country seemed more divided than ever, and you know kindness is non-partisan, and it doesn't see anything," Maya said. "It just works to act, and it helps the person who's receiving it and giving it."

She's urging people to share the kind acts they see on social media with the Facebook and Instagram pages @PlanoKindness or #PlanoKindness.
But Maya said the campaign isn't about recognition, just a reminder that it's always better to give than receive and often one kind act leads to another.

"Just remember that kindness is free," Maya said. "It's easy. It makes everybody feel good."

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