Meredith Yeomans

Plano Swimmers ‘Log On' for Black Friday Competition

Many people will be logging on for good deals over the next few days.

Some in Plano logged Friday afternoon -- it just looked a little different.

Oak Point Recreation Center in Plano held its first pop-up log rolling competition.

The objective was simple: the person who stays on the log the longest wins.

Organizers said it's a different way to burn calories instead of Black Friday shopping.

"It is a good workout because getting on the log you got to use all your upper body strength. Then, once you're on the log, you got to keep focused and keep moving your legs the whole time trying to stay balanced on the log and everything," lifeguard Jason Nguyen said.

If hopping into a pool doesn't sound fun when it's 55 degrees and raining outside, the pool is kept heated to 84 degrees.

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