Plano Students Involved in Whataburger Brawl

Plano police have arrested two 17-year-old boys after a fight broke out at a Plano Whataburger restaurant on Friday night.

Fists started to fly following the Plano and Plano West football game when students gathered at the post-game hangout on Coit Road. Right now, it's unclear what caused the students to come to blows.

"Everyone is shouting and going crazy," said Alexandra Brown, a junior who was inside the restaurant when the brawl began. "I was a little scared because I didn't want to get hit."

The arrested teens are accused of assaulting the police officers who stepped in and tried to calm the chaos, which was captured on a cellphone camera. The video is now posted on YouTube.

Brown's father, Warren, saw the video for the first time on Tuesday.

"It is horrifying, totally horrifying, because all of our children these days have vehicles or have transportation with friends," he said. "You try to keep tabs on them, but, at the end of the day, you are not exactly sure where they are."

In the video, a Whataburger employee in an orange shirt tries to break up the fight -- but ends up in the brawl.

Whataburger Corporate Communications said in a statement that the students initially gathered in the parking lot and the restaurant called police when the crowd became threatening.

"After police cleared the parking lot, a large number of students suddenly rushed into the dining room," the company said. "After calling police a second time, our team attempted to clear the dining room. The situation quickly escalated inside the restaurant, ultimately leading to a fight, which several of our team members tried to break up."

The restaurant temporarily closed its dining area after the fight for cleaning.

Police said one of the arrested teens is a Plano High School student. Police records state he's accused of hitting a 21-year-old customer and then hitting a police sergeant twice in the chest before trying to run away. Police said the teen is accused of wrestling with uniformed officers and refusing to put his hands behind his back.

Plano school district spokeswoman Lesley Range-Stanton said the district is away of the incident.

"It didn't occur at a district facility, so our Safety and Security Services Department is not investigating," she said. "There will be disciplinary action based on our Student Code of Conduct."

According to district rules online, the school district can expel a student "for criminal mischief if punishable as a felony, whether committed on or off school property or at a school-related activity."

Assaulting a police officer is a felony charge.

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