Plano Students Create Free Online Tutoring Service

They saw the need with students struggling during the pandemic and virtual learning

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Four friends from Plano West High School are the creators of their own tutoring company called TutorScope. It's a free online tutoring service run by Charvi Goyal, Jessica Ding, Angelina Ehara, and Kaustubh Sonawane.

It started back in March when classes started going virtual because of coronavirus.

"We saw that students were going to struggle with that,” TutorScope president Charvi Goyal said. “So, we knew how important it was to have that flexibility and personalization in learning and teaching. So, we just got together.”

Now TutorScope provides free tutoring to first through 12th-grade students. With parental consent, 15-minute long tutoring sessions are available to anyone needing it. Students can sign up for more as needed.

The creators feel this works great for students… because the tutoring is done by students.

"They're probably like much closer in age and they've been through often the same type of curriculum so it's just a lot more relatable for it to be a student on student interaction," TutorScope head of development Jessica Ding said.

"Us on the tutor side we understand the struggles of students and we also know how important it is to connect with each other,” TutorScope head of outreach Angelina Ehara said. “Especially in times like these when no one is sure what's going to happen next. I think it's really good to have this connection."

Even though there is no cost for what they do, they are still rewarded in other ways.

"Just seeing everyone being able to get a grasp on concepts that may seem unfamiliar to them,” TutorScope head of logistics Kaustubh Sonawane said. “It's pretty rewarding just seeing them being able to realize oh I've got this."

"There is just this lightbulb moment that when a student gets it and that's just so rewarding to see that you were able to do something to be able to get that effect on them," Goyal said.

It’s a mission they hope to be able to spread even beyond the Dallas and Fort Worth area. 

The service is open to students anywhere.

To learn more about TutorScope click here.

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