Plano Student with Cystic Fibrosis Hopes to Walk at Graduation

Victoria McKennon is one credit shy of meeting graduation requirements and feels that she is "being punished" by not being allowed to walk across the stage with her friends.

A senior at Plano Senior High School with cystic fibrosis says she might not get the chance to walk with her friends during their graduation ceremony this year, and she hopes her school district will change course.

Victoria McKennon's genetic disorder has required her to miss a lot of school days. She said she will be one credit shy of meeting the graduation requirement by the end of the school year and feels that she is "being punished" by not being allowed to attend the North Texas school's graduation ceremony.

“My absences are excused,” said McKennon. “But they don't want me to walk the stage."

The Plano Independent School District sent NBC 5 the requirements that state students must complete at least 24 credits before graduating.

McKennon is planning on completing her last credit over the summer.

“I hope they understand that there needs to be a check in compassion,” said Victoria McKennon’s mom, Grace McKennon.

Victoria McKennon’s family is hoping the school district will allow her to at least walk with her classmates during the ceremony.

“I hope that they will change their mind,” she said. “I don't want special treatment. I don't want them to give me a diploma I haven't earned. I just want to walk the stage with my friends. That’s all I want.”

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