Plano State Senator Proposes ‘Tim Tebow Bill' for Home-School Students

A bill under consideration in Austin would allow students who are home-schooled to play on public school sports teams and participate in all other University Interscholastic League activities.

The bill proposed by State Sen. Van Taylor, R-Plano, is known as the "Tim Tebow Bill," named for the quarterback who was home-schooled but able to play on public school teams in Florida.

Sharla Malone, of Plano, has home-schooled her two daughters. Her 14-year-old daughter, Marin, is a volleyball player who would like to play college ball. Right now, she plays in a home-school league in Lubbock and in a club league in Plano. She has wondered what it would be like to play on a public school team.

"I have always thought of what it would be like to play with public schoolers, like having the big crowds and stuff," said Marin Malone.

Sharla Malone thinks it would be a good option.

"There are home schoolers all over the nation. Sometimes they don't live in an area that is large enough to have an organized sports community, so there is really no option for them," she said..

In order to be able to play, students must take a nationally recognized assessment test, and show grade level proficiency. The state assessment STAAR test is not required, but Sharla Malone thinks any test may bother some parents who home-school their kids.

"Home-schoolers don't really, at least the ones that I know, and myself, don't really want to be regulated to follow the standards of public school," she said.

The Malones will stay put for now. They like the league they are in.

"If, you know, we could do it all over again, and it was passed when it first came out, I think that would have really been a great option for us," Sharla Malone said.

NBC 5 reached out to the UIL, but the organization does not comment on pending legislation. We also reached out to the Texas Home School Coalition office, and have not heard back.

Read more about SB 640, the "Tim Tebow Bill," here.

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