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Plano Shooting Victim Was Trying to Build a Better Life, Mother Says

The mother of one of the victims of Sunday night's mass shooting in Plano is remembering her daughter for her love and light.

Meredith Hight, 27, owned the home on Spring Creek Parkway where the shootings occurred.

She'd previously lived at the home with her estranged husband, Spencer Hight, 32, who is suspected of shooting Meredith and seven friends.

Meredith Hight's mother, Debbie Lane, said her daughter's relationship with her Spencer took a turn about two years ago, around the time Meredith purchased the home.

Lane blames alcohol and physical abuse.

"When somebody hits you and takes advantage of what you have to give and gives nothing back, you just don't love them much anymore," Lane said.

Lane, who lives in Georgia, spent last week in Plano with Meredith. She says she helped her prepare for Sunday night's party by sprucing up the home.

"Getting things ready for her to celebrate her newly reclaimed single life, and that's what that party was about," Lane said.

Lane says one of the victims, Caleb Edwards, 25, was Meredith's roommate.

She said victim James Dunlop, 29, was a longtime friend. Rion Morgan, 31, another victim, was in Meredith's wedding party.

"They were fine, fine young men. The best. The best," Lane said.

Lane said her daughter was a supervisor at Coca-Cola. She earned a math degree from UT Dallas, she said.

"She was one of those people who felt life was a gift," Lane said.

Lane and her husband are now in the process of planning Meredith's funeral.

She said it will be held Saturday in Plano.

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