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Plano Shooting Victim Lived an Adventurous Life: Best Friend

One of the youngest victims in Sunday's shooting rampage in Plano, 24-year-old Olivia Deffner, was an adventurous traveler, her best friend says.

Joscelyn Alvizo says it's tragic that Deffner, a risk-taker who made solo trips to foreign countries, was killed at a friend's house, watching football. She remembers her as the bubbly girl she met at UT Dallas.

"She would walk straight up to you and say, 'Hi, I'm Olivia, it's great to meet you'" Alvizo said.

The pair was just about inseparable for nearly six years.

"We were each other's other half for a really, really long time," Alvizo said.

Alvizo described Deffner as being so full of life and someone whom others were just drawn to.

"She brightened up the room everywhere that she went, and she was just the smartest person I've ever known in my life," Alvizo said.

Deffner was an adventurous spirit and had a passion for travel. The 24-year-old was on a mission to visit five countries by the age of 25. She surpassed that goal, making it to France, Austria, the Czech Republic and even spent time with monkeys in Southeast Asia.

"She's been to Japan, she's been to Morocco. She travels by herself. She was completely fearless," Alvizo said.

Alvizo said she is holding on to the good memories of their friendship.

"We ran all over Miami doing all of the craziest things, just making so many memories," she said.

Alvizo said those memories are carrying her through now, though she struggles, knowing Deffner had so much more life to live.

"She had this hunger that was never satisfied. She was always planning the next thing. Her 25th birthday was in three weeks. She almost made it to 25, and then a stranger just killed her for no reason," Alvizo said.

Deffner had dreams of seeing Machu Picchu had and many more adventures planned.

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