Plano Sex Offender Arrested in Houston for Failing to Register

A sex offender from the Dallas area that Plano police say has a foot fetish is behind bars in Houston.

David Tilley, public information officer with the Plano Police Department, said an arrest warrant was issued for Harry John Russo when he failed to show up for a meeting where he was to register as a convicted sex offender.

Russo was tracked to Houston where local police and the U.S. Marshal service placed him under arrest.

KTRK in Houston reports Russo was found guilty of indecent exposure and Tilley added that Russo was implicated in a couple of incidents in Plano. In one of those incidents, Tilley said Russo offered a Sonic carhop money to see her feet. Tilley noted that the offer itself was not a criminal act.

Plano police expect Russo to be transferred to the Collin County Jail.

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