Plano Police Identify Suspect in Deadly Hit and Run on Hwy 75


Plano Police have issued an arrest warrant for a man accused in Monday night’s deadly hit and run on Highway 75, according to PPD.

Police identified the suspect and filed a warrant for his arrest on Thursday.

The man is not being identified at this time, but PPD confirms to NBC 5 he has an attorney and is expected to turn himself in.

Police say he is the driver of a semi who struck Leah Alexis Daniels, 29 at around 9:30 Monday night and did not stop.

Daniels’ vehicle was stalled in the second to right traffic lane when a car rear-ended her car.

The occupants of the car that rear-ended Daniels were able to run out to safety.

Police say Daniels tried to run to safety as well but as she got out of her passenger side door, the driver of a semi driving in the far right lane hit Daniels throwing her body into the center lane of traffic where another car hit her.

Daniels died on the scene.

The drivers of both cars involved in the crash remained on the scene, but the driver of the semi did not, according to police.

The suspect faces charges of accident involving death and felony failure to stop or return and remain on scene of a crash, according to PPD.

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