Plano Police Hunt for Burglars Who Busted in Back Door

Police are investigating a burglary in a Plano neighborhood.

Officer said it happened Friday evening in the 4000 block of Wind Dance Circle.

A pair of suspected burglars on seen on surveillance camera forcing their way in the back door of the home.

Police believe the men may also be the same ones who have been targeting Asian and Indian residents' homes.

“They come in, they commit several burglaries for a period of months and then they leave. And then they come back in another four or five months and are committing them again,” said Officer David Tilley, spokesman for the Plano Police Department.

NBC 5 spoke to the homeowner, who said he was at the movies, and got a call from his security company.

He came home and found police at his house. He is very frustrated, and even added extra cameras because of the rash of burglaries.

“I have a security alarm system and like, eight cameras around the house, and still it got robbed,” said the owner.

He asked that we don’t use his name for security reasons.

Some said they saw someone walking out the front door of the home at about 9 p.m. who didn’t live there.

“We saw a couple of guys push the door open and push the safe, like a box, now I know it’s a safe. They pushed a box loaded that into the car,” said a neighbor who also didn’t want her name used.

They yelled and tried to stop the suspected burglars, then called 911.

The men were last seen in a car, possibly a newer model white Nissan Altima.

Plano realtor Jam Thill said her family and friends are taking precautions.

“They all feel the same. They’re not keeping stuff at home, you know. They’re putting it away, lock and key, keep it at the bank, keep it somewhere else. You know, you don’t want to put your life at risk,” Thill said.

She and others pray the men are caught.

“I’m sad and I just hope someone doesn’t get hurt,” she said. “At the end of the day it’s just jewelry, but we just don’t anyone to get hurt.”

NBC 5's Kevin Cokely contributed to this report.

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