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Plano Police Hoping for New Leads in Man's Cold Case Murder

Plano Police Detective Aaron Benzick met with reporters Monday morning, hoping to generate new leads in a murder case that has perplexed veteran investigators.

It has been exactly six months since Chris Collinvitti was gunned down in the driveway of his Plano home, seemingly at random.

Monday morning, Benzick shared never-before released surveillance videos of the suspects in Collinvitti's murder. The videos are grainy and dark but show a dark-colored vehicle leaving the scene shortly after the murder on Nov. 7, 2017.

Police said they know it is the shooter's vehicle because a witness heard a gunshot then saw two people getting into the car and then driving away.

The car could be a Dodge Charger, according to police.

Police said they still have no clear motive for his death and there is no sign of a robbery or burglary gone bad.

Benzick said Collinvitti did not lead a risky lifestyle, nothing to indicate why anyone would want to harm him.

Collinvitti's widow, Cindy, spoke out for the first time on Monday.

She asked that her face not be shown on camera during the interview, but was willing to share pictures of her and her husband of 27 years.

She is pleading for the public's help in solving her husband's murder.

"I'd just like to know what happened, why it happened, why him," she said. "There's nothing that we know was taken. Why would you shoot him?"

A $5,000 reward was raised to $22,125 earlier this month with the additional reward money coming from family and friends.

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