Plano Police Launch New Search for Christina Morris

Plano police were searching again Wednesday afternoon for 23-year-old Christina Morris, who has now been missing for nearly three months.

Officers fanned out across a large area near Waters Creek off U.S. Highway 75 in Allen, focusing their search in fields and heavily wooded areas. So far they have found no evidence of foul play and no evidence of Morris since she disappeared from the Shops at Legacy in the early morning hours of Aug. 30.

The Plano police chief told officers in a meeting Wednesday that the Morris case is a top priority for the department and that they have dedicated two detectives to focus solely on this case.

“If she is dead, she is not going to be in a highly public area,” said Officer David Tilley, with the Plano Police Department. “Somebody would have already run across that.”

Not only are police searching for clues, but so is Morris’ family.

“There’s so much area to search,” said Morris’ mom, Jonni McElroy.

McElroy said she will never give up looking for her daughter.

“I always pray, ‘Let me have something,'” said McElroy.

On Saturday, McElroy will go back home to Tulsa for the first time since Morris was reported missing.

“Even though it's just four hours away, I feel like it's hundreds and hundreds of miles away,” said McElroy.

McElroy said she hopes someone will have the courage to come forward with answers to help find her daughter.

“It is kind of like a needle in a haystack,” said Tilley. “But I can tell you, if you go through that haystack thoroughly and you spend enough time working on it and go through every piece of hay, you will find that needle. And that's what our goal is.”

The reward for information in the case stands at $25,000.

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