Plano Pharmacist Helping Patients Overcome Opioid Addiction

President Donald Trump described the nation's opioid epidemic Thursday as the worst drug crisis in American history, declaring it a public health emergency.

"We can be the generation that ends opioid addiction. We can do it," the president said.

Every day, 142 people die from an overdose.

But one Plano pharmacist is doing what she can to save lives.

Donna Barsky, owner of Texas Star Pharmacy, is pushing back against the opioid epidemic.

It starts with the gun safe where she stores her opioid medicine so burglars can't steal them.

Then there's the calendars she creates for addicts who want help.

With the help of doctors, every three weeks, dosages are slowly decreased until the patient no longer needs them.

"I didn't get to be pharmacist just to sell drugs. That's not my goal. My goal is to help everybody find a better pathway. We're all living longer we want to live better," Barsky said.

Barsky says fewer than 50 percent of opioid addicts who walk into her pharmacy want to get off them.

"They know it's hard to come off of this, but nothing good is easy," she said.

They are simple truths from a pharmacist on the front lines in the war against addition.

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