Plano Parents Question Middle School Resignations

Parents notified after three counselors abruptly resign from Haggard Middle School

Haggard Middle School parents say they have questions for the school district after the abrupt resignation of three counselors.

A letter informing parents that three counselors resigned and were replaced was sent home earlier this week.

"It's just so strange that these three professionals we all trusted so much resigned all together, all at once at the time of year when the students need them the most," parent Marion Underwood said. "I believe these three counselors resigned because something is really wrong at Haggard."

"When you lose an entire counseling staff, something is not right," said Paula Siegel, another parent.

The three resigning staff members were replaced by three new counselors, all of whom have experience within the Plano Independent School District.

Siegel said her daughter met with one of the former counselors just days before her resignation and said the woman gave "absolutely no signs whatsoever" that she was planning to leave the district.

Siegel said the counselor even made plans to meet with her daughter over the next few months.

"The fact that we are being stonewalled and not given any information is something that every parent at every school in Plano ISD needs to be concerned about," she said.

The school district said personnel matters are confidential.

Plano ISD said the staffing changes never involved student or staff safety.

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