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Plano Movie Theater Among Only 11 in the Country to Host 2-Day Marvel Movie Marathon

At the West Plano Cinemark, offically Marvel's 'Avengers Endgame' opened at 6:00 p.m., but 230 superfans got an hour jump on the last installment after watching all of the Marvel movies, 22 films back to back, for the last two days.

"Why," asked Cristian Candemir, who drove to Plano from Houston. "Why not? This is history!"

West Plano Cinemark is one of only 11 theaters across the country to host the Marvel Movie Marathon.

"It might be 53 hours in a theater," said Robert Page, who lives in Richardson and took the days off work to sleep in the theater and watch the Marvel Marathon. "But it's still fun."

The fans watching all those movies in Plano weren't just from North Texas.

"We found people from Michigan, Las Vegas, Houston, Oklahoma City," said Bryan Jeffries, Cinemark V.P. Marketing & Promotions. "This wasn't something we even needed to create. It was driven by the fans. They had to see all of these movies at one time."

"That's the one thing I like, is seeing them in theaters with people who love the movies just as much as I do," pointed out Page.

For die hard fans, they aren't just characters on a screen.

"No, they're our friends in the movies," Page said. "My favorite character is Ironman. I love him. I wish I could be as smart as him, create all these gadgets, cause I want to be an inventor."

Cinemark provided meals to the marathon goers to suppliment their diet of popcorn and fountain drinks. Most of them looked sleep-deprived walking the hallways during intermissions, but said they were excited for the final movie.

"I say bring it on," said Page. "Whatever comes, I'm ready for it!"

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