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Plano ISD Completes Investigation Into Reported Bullying Incident

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NBC 5 News

The Plano Independent School District announced Tuesday it has completed its investigation into a bullying report involving a middle school boy who says he was forced to drink urine at an off-campus sleepover.

"District policy mandates any internal investigation into allegations of bullying must be completed within 10 business days after an initial report," according to the Plano ISD.

The district went on to say, " The district's investigation of this off-campus event has been thorough, has been done with the cooperation of all parties involved in this incident, and it is now complete… while privacy laws prohibit us from sharing specific student disciplinary actions, Plano ISD's anti-bullying policy and the Student Code of Conduct describe possible consequences and options for corrective action. When an incident of bullying is confirmed, the district notifies the parents of the victim and of the student who engaged in bullying and promptly responds by taking appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct."

The investigation stems from an incident that had gone viral after a video was shared of the boy purportedly being made to drink urine. The boy's mother said her son was punched, attacked with a BB gun and verbally assaulted with racial slurs.

The Plano Police Department launched a separate investigation, which is ongoing, and the district said it was fully cooperating with them.

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