Plano Family Takes Pandemic Remote Work and School Opportunity to Live on the Road

The Browns sold their Plano home and bought a 43-foot 5th wheel RV they call 'Mojo' to live in and road trip for a year

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You know that saying, 'home is where the heart is?' For the Brown family of Plano, home is wherever they park their RV.

"Here's a map of all the places we've been," Cliff Brown said taking NBC 5 on a video tour of the family's 43-foot 5th wheel RV they call 'Mojo'.

"I hate road trips," Mandy Brown said. "I'm a terrible passenger."

So why did the family of four sell their Plano home to move into an RV, relatively spacious as it is, and spend a year traveling the United States? The pandemic.

"It wasn't crazy," Mandy said, noting they planned carefully. "But it does look crazy to a lot of our friends."

"We were just working and going through the grind from home," Cliff said. "We can do that from anywhere."

The Brown's daughter Polly, and son V (short for Clifton Brown V), are remote and home-schooled. There are field trips at every stop, so the kids don't just read about history and places, they see and experience them.

"It's been really good," Polly said. "It's been different," V said. "Good different."

"Get them out of the Plano bubble," Cliff said. "Great bubble! Loved living there. Something new, though."

In their first month on the road, the Browns have been through Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia. On Thursday they were driving to Pennsylvania, where Cliff, who has also been taking remote college classes, will pick up his bachelor's degree diploma.

"I think there's a silver lining to anything," Cliff said. "And I think we found it."

You can follow the Browns' 'Route Down' travels on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and their personal blog.

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