Plano Family Shares About Daughter's Fentanyl Death to Warn Other Parents and Teens

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Sienna Vaughn's parents describe her as a typical teen.

"She was just a really fun 16-year-old," her mother Stephanie Vaughn said.

One night hanging with a friend in their home took a tragic turn when she took a pill laced with fentanyl.

Her mother was the one who found both teens passed out in Sienna’s room.

"I knew something was wrong right away,” Stephanie Vaughn said. “Her lips already started turning purple. It was just, it's the worst nightmare any parent can go through."

Now they're on a mission to save others from going through the same thing.

"The reason we went public is because we didn't know,” Stephanie Vaughn said. “We did not know this stuff was out there. It turns out they thought they were taking a Percocet."

The Vaughns don’t want any other kids making the same mistake as their daughter.

"That's what's so tragic about this,” her father Ryan Vaughn said. “She doesn't have a chance to learn from her mistake. So, we are hoping other kids can learn from her mistake. Even ones that didn't know her. The ones that know her are impacted by this. But we are talking to you to try to get the word out to everybody in the community so that they'll have this conversation with their kids."

Plano ISD sent a letter to parents and is holding workshops to raise awareness about fentanyl.

The Plano Police Department is also holding a fentanyl drug forum.

They have a list of panelists to share valuable information with parents and teens.

"Make sure the parents are aware of the new trends that are happening and what to look for whenever there may be an overdose happening,” Plano Police public information officer Jennifer Chapman said. “Also, maybe to look for potential issues prior to them using the drugs."

It’s all an effort to get this message out.

"Have the difficult conversation with your kids now,” Ryan Vaughn said. “It's not fun. But the more you do it hopefully they will have that moment of hesitation before they take that pill."

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