Plano Drivers Frustrated by Wasted Water During Drought

Some drivers in Plano are outraged after they said they often see water wasted along Legacy Drive.

“It’s an aggravating waste of water,” said Richard Posey, who drives through Plano on his way to work.

Posey captured photos of a flooded roadway Friday morning along Legacy Drive, between Parkwood Boulevard and Hedgcoxe Road. He said he’s frustrated by the lack of concern for the drought, and wants to see whoever is responsible do the right thing.

“There’s probably at least 30 yards of water running across the road, it’s a quarter-inch thick, and it’s just running water,” said Posey. "It’s not like wet road - it’s like a stream running across.”

He’s not the only one who noticed not everyone is following strict water restrictions.

“I can just stop my car and literally have my car washed,” said Yolanda Melero. “Unbelievable, but then they restrict us from watering. I just don't get it.”

Plano Public Works Director Gerald Cosgrove said not all of Plano falls under city water restrictions.

Areas along Legacy Drive and in the Legacy Business Park don’t use treated city water, and therefore aren’t required to follow city watering restrictions.

Cosgrove said the water used in those areas comes from White Rock Creek or private wells.

“It doesn’t make any difference because right now a shortage of water is a shortage of water,” said Melero.

“I would love for them to straighten it out,” Posey said. “Fix the problem and stop wasting the water.”

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