Kevin Young

Plano City Council to Vote on Controversial New Plan

The debate is growing over a controversial plan by the city of Plano.

It's called Plano Tomorrow and details how the city will deal with growth over the next 20 years, but there is one part of the plan that some don't like.

The disagreement comes from the land use portion of the plan. Some believe it would open the door to too many apartments, leading to more congestion and an overall degradation of communities.

Dozens protested Plano Tomorrow during a recent planning and zoning commission meeting.

The commission approved the plan.

Allan Samara is a spokesperson for the organization Plano Future aimed at raising concerns about Plano Tomorrow.

"These are basically dormitory-style apartments," Samara said. "We think that Plano needs more stakeholders who are going to be part of our community."

The city of Plano says there is misinformation being spread about the plan and that there's no specific call for more apartments.

Christina Day is the city's planning director. She said the city has spent more than two years working on Plano Tomorrow and has received input from 4,000 residents.

She said Plano Tomorrow is a general guide for dealing with growth, and nothing more.

"It's important for us to establish a vision for the community to ensure that we have-quality, well organized growth," Day said.

City Council is expected to vote on Plano Tomorrow at a meeting on Oct. 12.

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