Plano Church's Rainbow Flag Stolen on Easter

A thief stole the rainbow flag that flies outside a Plano church and replaced it with an American flag and a note on Easter weekend.

The note reads, “I didn’t agree with your flag, so I took it down. If you don’t agree with this one, you can take it down. P.S. There are only two genders.”

The rainbow flag was donated to the Community Unitarian Universalist Church on Parker Rd. in late October by member Betsy Friauf as a symbol of the church’s inclusiveness.

She said she expected the rainbow flag to be stolen or vandalized and was surprised it lasted six months undisturbed.

“It wasn’t a shock to me, but it is disappointing,” Friauf said. “But you know, they gave us a gift, they left us a brand new American flag.”

Reverend Patrick Price is also taking it in stride.

“This is not something to be upset about. It’s annoying, but there’s nothing malicious done,” Price said. The church was not damaged or defaced in any other way. They did file a police report.

Price does, however, have a message for the vandal.

“Come and talk to us. Have a conversation,” Price said.

And little did the thief know, the church was already planning to replace their wind-tattered rainbow flag with a brand-new one this week.

The rainbow flag will fly side by side with the Stars and Stripes.

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