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Plano Church Stepping Up Security After Sutherland Springs Shooting

There is a good chance church will look and feel different this Sunday.

Many congregations are stepping up security in the wake of the Sutherland Springs shooting.

The Rev. Isiah Joshua Jr., pastor at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church of Plano, says he has been reevaluating security since last Sunday's massacre in South Texas that claimed the lives of more than two dozen people and injured about 20 more.

The church already has dozens of surveillance cameras and off-duty officers during Sunday and Wednesday services.

Soon, he says, he plans to add more of both.

"I don't want to sit back and just be lackadaisical about it, and think it's not going to happen at our church. Yes, it can happen at our church," he said.

Joshua says he will remind his congregation on Sunday to stay alert and at the same time, to not be afraid to worship.

"It is a place where you come and really lay your burdens down, not pick up burdens by coming in," he said.

Joshua says he doesn't know a soul in Sutherland Springs, and had never heard of the town until Sunday's shooting. But he says it now has a place in his heart, and his prayers for peace.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist isn't the only church stepping up security.

There are reports of churches nationwide doing the same.

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