Plano Based Rent-A-Center Faces Suit Over Billing Practices and Bookkeeping

Complaints against Plano based Rent-A-Center are coming in from all sides.

A Houston debt collector told NBC 5 Rent-A-Center sold him names of phone numbers of people behind on their bill. But when he contacted them, they had proof the bills were already paid. He also says payments the debt collector took on delinquent bills were allegedly never credited to the customers.

This news comes after an investigation by NerdWallet that says the Plano based rent to own company has failed to properly update credit files for many paying customers, and that they threatened non-paying ones with arrest.

A source close to Rent-A-Center told NBC 5 this was the first they heard of many of the complaints and that they don't condone or accept many of the actions.

NBC 5 Responds also got this statement from Rent-A-Center saying:

“The company believes NerdWallet included a number of exaggerated and inaccurate claims and grossly mischaracterized Rent-A-Center’s business practices. The company is confident in the merits of the business and industry to empower those striving to enjoy the American dream.”

Rent-A-Center won't specifically comment on the debt collection issue because a lawsuit has been filed.

We also confirmed with the Tarrant County District Attorney's office that 1 out of 5 of their theft of service cases have to do with rent to own furniture companies.

Dallas and Collin County are looking into their reports for us.

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