Pinners Conference This Weekend in Dallas: Pro Pinners Show Us Easy, DIY Fall Decor

Even as the temperatures stay warm in North Texas, many already have pumpkin spice and fall decor on their minds. We turn to Pinterest to search for recipes and DIY decorating, and this weekend, Pinterest will come to life at the Pinners Conference in Dallas.

Pinterest-lovers from across the country will gather this weekend starting Friday at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for a few days to share crafts, shop and learn all things Pinterest.

The conference combines 100 Pinterest-based classes taught by experts and a show of the top 300 businesses in the world of DIY, crafts, cooking, self-improvement, photography, party planning, holiday, beauty and fashion, and more.

"If you love Pinterest, if you ever look at Pinterest on your phone, you will love it," said Shalene Bowlby, an expert pinner from Cotton + Lumber who is hosting a class. "It literally is Pinterest come to life. You can find any project and anything you’re interested in."

Roxanne Bennett, founder of the Pinners conference, along with Bowlby and two other expert Pinners joined NBC 5 to show us fall decor ideas and crafts which will be made at some of the classes. You can go here to find tickets to the conference.

Create Your Own Fall Tablescape & Easy Pumpkin Centerpiece

KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms will show us how to create a tablescape.

"We’re always changing and trying to find the current trends," Bennett said. [[560115222,c]]

One of Wood's most popular pins is a white wooden shadowbox with a pumpkin created with twigs.

It’s a DIY project anyone can do. She took a pen, traced an outline of a pumpkin, went outside and got twigs to cut and hot glue them. She created the wooden white shadow box with wood from Home Depot.

She says top elements of a tablescape include: something handmade, something fun, an addition of texture like straw and dried florals, then add height, such as with books that you can cover with brown paper. Scatter some pumpkins and add some garland, such as wooden beads.

Her class is Friday at 12:30 p.m. on how to make money off blogging. Saturday she’s hosting a decorating class.

"I think that’s why I write my blog is because I want to inspire women everywhere to be able to do it themselves," Wood said. "There’s so much joy in creating something with yourself. It’s like introducing a little piece of heart into your home."

Easy Handlettering Hack on This "Welcome" Pumpkin

Taylor Aldridge of Timber & Jane has a hack on how to create popular calligraphy on wood without having to be an artist. [[560116532,C]]

The pumpkin was the first thing she created to start her company. She has a class 5:30 Saturday evening.

"I really think [the classes] encourage people and gives them confidence that they can do things that they see on Pinterest and shows them that they have those skills," Aldrige said.

She showed us how you can create "faux calligraphy" to create signs. She prints the words you’d like, then color the chalk over the back of the paper over the letters, then once you’re done with the chalk, you flip it over, shake it off and lay it out, take a pen or pencil to trace over the letters and you can create an outline. When you take off the paper, you’ll see the outlines of the letters. Take some paint with a thin and thick brush then you can finish the lettering.

"I didn’t know I had creativity in me and my class will show anybody can do this DIY. It’s so fun and you can hang this pumpkin on your front door," Aldridge said.

Create a Faux Farmhouse Window With Greenery for All Seasons

Shalene Bowlby of Cotton + Lumber will teach a class for creating a faux farmhouse window with an embroidery hoop wreath. You can change out the wreaths with different fake greenery such as fall leaves for autumn, holly for Christmas and green for spring and summer. [[560116052,c]]

You buy the frame, paint it with white chalk paint. Tie and wrap brown twine around the hoop wreath to secure the greenery.

"It's something you can use all year and farmhouse is all the rage right now," Bowlby said.

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