Pilot Makes Emergency Landing in Denton

A pilot made an emergency landing at the Denton Municipal Airport Wednesday.

Initial reports are that the pilot of a Piper Cherokee declared an emergency after only two of its three landing gears deployed. 

The pilot circled the airport long enough for emergency services to arrive at the scene before making the emergency landing Wednesday afternoon.

At about 5:23 p.m., the pilot landed on his back two gears and then put the nose of the plane down on the runway as it slowed to a stop. 

Two people were on the plane and neither reported any injuries.  Additionally, there was no visible damage to the aircraft.

The FAA registry on the plane indicates it's a 1972 Piper Cherokee PA-28R-200 registered to an owner in Highland Village.

The Piper Cherokee is a light, fixed-wing, single-engine aircraft capable of carrying up to six passengers.

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